Friday, February 27, 2009

You thought YOUR race pictures were bad??

I'll never understand why Star Wars fans are considered geeks.

SOLUTION: Slam face first into steel posts at 6mph like I do and all you'll need is a band-aid and a little Neosporin.

If this guy runs a faster 5K than I do, I'm going to amputate my own legs at the hip... with a rusty hatchet.

Jerry O'Connell running: hot. Jerry O'Connell fondling his nipples while running: kuh-reepy.

I'm pretty sure I know what this guy is dressed as and I'm ashamed at myself for still posting it.


Topher said...

Am I the only one to notice the irony that the cigarette-smoking guy is wearing a shirt that says "Torch Run"?

Torch = Fire = Smoke

It was that, or comment on the last picture, and I'm not touching that one.

Lili said...

OMG!!! That is the funniest thing I've seen all day... but I did just go to work and the dentist... regardless, that's pretty damn funny!

Alisa said...

I love it!

I can't believe the costumes some peeps where...for me the less bulk the better! Nothing to weigh me down!

Laurel said...

LOLOLOL! The last one is priceless! Maybe it was a testicular cancer awareness race.

Jen said...

Maybe Jerry is checking his pulse in a new and exciting way? Still...creepy.

Carolina John said...

Those are hilarious! good job.

the last spartan said...

Thank yo so much for posting this. I needed a good laugh this morning in the worst way!