Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

This evening, after I finished a seven mile tempo run on the treadmill in my basement, I sat on the floor to do some stretching and saw steam rising off from my body, from my neck down my stomach to my legs.

Now, I know my basement isn't finished and the temperature is quite a bit cooler down there than it is upstairs. And I know by the time I was done I could easily have wrung a gallon of sweat out of my shorts and top.

But steam??

Either that's a really cool lesson in physics or my tempo pace on the treadmill is so blazing hot it's setting off steam.

Let's go with the second one.

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Jen said...

I'd go with the latter too! And you're awesome for doing seven in a tempo. Just thinking about that makes me tired. I hope you're picking a hard leg for the Wasatch Back!

Tall Girl Running said...


I haven't decided which leg I want for the WBR. I'm going to steer away from the really long mileage ones (save those for the gals who are marathon training) but I wouldn't mind one with some tough hills. I really gotta get going on some hill training, if that's the case. Oy vey.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Sizzling hot..... A tempo run on the dreadmill! U R Bad.

Laurel said...

You're smokin!

When I would run in Miami we would get steam a lot on us after our runs. It was always hilarious to see everyone standing around talking after a run and looking like they are about to combust.

Lili said...

Can I ask what might be a dumb question? What is a tempo run? It makes me invision someone running to a metronome or to Olivia Newton John's Lets Get Physical over and over again. Is this sthe case?

Tall Girl Running said...

LOL, Lili... I think I like your definition better! Here's a site I googled that explains the tempo run: