Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The photos of my last race (the marathon relay two weeks ago) were finally posted online the other day and here's one of the shots they captured of me:

I have to say... I'm kinda diggin' this picture.

It seems whenever I see photos of myself running in a race, I don't look... I dunno... real. I don't look like I belong there. Maybe it's because I don't look like a runner in the first place. I'm six feet tall, for crying out loud. I'm gangly and awkward. As another tall friend of mine says, there's a lot of giraffe-esque qualities going on when I run. And even though my legs are long, I have a ridiculously short stride (which might explain the fact I can't seem to run faster than an 8:30 mile pace). In any case, when I see photos of myself running, I think I look like I was flown in by a group of professional photographers, plopped into the middle of a race scene, spritzed with a spray bottle and instructed to strike a running pose.

Click, click! Yeah, girlfriend... work it!... own it! Click, click!

This photo is different, though. It captures me coming up onto my second transition, just about ready to hand off the "baton" (that white snap wrist bracelet I'm holding in my right hand) to my teammate. I was booking it. I know because I very rarely book it in a race. I never saw the photographer, which is a little disturbing to me because the picture was obviously taken fairly close up and I was completely oblivious to him. I was, however, booking it, so that's understandable.

I like the look on my face: pure concentration. (Or pure pain. But let's go with concentration.) And my hair... what's a great action shot without a long ponytail flying in the wind? I'm strong; I'm sweaty; I'm in full stride; I'm giving that last 100 yards my all. Heck, I might even have been running an eight minute mile pace!

Yeah, I like this photo. It's picture proof I really am a runner.

(Copyright by Composure Photography)


Jim said...

That photo is an iPod poster waiting to happen! Gotta love the flying hair and the white ear buds.

Allen said...

Yep, we finally got to see the real you!

Rosie said...

Awesome. I'm usually beat red.

And I'm glad there's another tall woman runner out there who has got a short stride and long pace!

Ovens2Betsy said...

Indeed, fabulous photo! Mine always make it seem like I'm walking (although given they're typically taken toward the end of the race, that's not too much of a stretch!)

Charlie said...

Yup...a great running shot! You be flying!

Short stride is actually very good and economical. For just up the turnover rate...pace...not the stride.


See Zanne Run said...

great pic. i usually have a really ugly fish face thing going on. my best race pic ever made it to my masthead ... do i see a new masthead in your future?

it's like an ad ... for the skirt, the shoes, the ipod, the flowy ponytail ... something - you got it going on girl.

Charlie said...

Ms Angie...I think it's the shoes!...Those Asics make you Fast!:o)

robison52 said...

Yup, that photo is proof-positive that you're not only a runner, but a FAST runner!! Also, your outfit is more colorful, much better than the black outfit from your Salt Lake City Half Marathon. (I had worn completely black running outfits when I first started running as I thought it would make me look slimmer)

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I love it! Pictures are great proof aren't they!! Love the outfit!

Laurel said...

Awesome pic! Love the outfit too!
My running pictures are awful, I look like I'm just learning how to walk in them.

Lickety Split said...

Love the photo. You look so fast you could have been pulling G's. ;)

Be well.