Monday, July 02, 2007

Cause for Concern

I'm now three weeks deep into another marathon training program, fresh off a very strong ten-miler this past Saturday morning. That actually makes three very strong long runs in a row, with some not-so-bad-themselves shorter runs thrown into the mix. And other than a stubborn shin splint (which I think is just my body's way of reminding me it'll never fully cooperate as long as I insist on doing this silly long-distance "running thing"), I've been running pain-free... full of vim and vigor.

Or zip and zing. Pep and punch? I've been feeling pretty good, let's just say. Not cartwheels-in-a-bikini-kind-of-good, but pretty darn good.

Within the past week, I've scored three deals on eBay:

  • A new pair of Brooks Ariel motion control running shoes, with which to rotate with my (relatively) new Asics Foundation motion control running shoes

  • A collection of 13 chocolate-flavored (caffeine included, of course) Accel energy gels

  • A 15 ml. bottle of peppermint essential oil, to be mixed in with a grapeseed carrier oil for massaging tired legs and feet.
I've also found myself to be the new owner of an economy size (also known as "humongo bongo") bottle of ibuprofen as well as a new three gallon water pail, which makes for easier ice baths for post-run feet, ankles, shins and achilles.

If I didn't know any better, folks, I'd be concerned I'm actually serious about running this marathon.


AddictedToEndorphins said...

I'm glad to hear your training is going so well!!
Seems like your tentative determination is turning into somthing more!!!
BTW i have never thought of looking on ebay for shoes or other things for that matter. Fantabulous...
And I like the idea of the bucket. I may just have to inveset in one of those!!

You go girl!

Tall Girl Running said...


I have a hard time finding the model of shoes I need in retail stores in my area, so I'm forced to resort to shopping online. Ebay is usually a pretty good resource. I can get exactly what I need and even save $15 or $20 in the process. It's worth a look!

Thanks for all of your wonderfully supportive comments!


Anonymous said...

I know you are serious. :)


See Zanne Run said...

yipee! marathon #2 here we come!

runningDeb said...

bucket, why didn't I think of that!! I will be stopping at my local $$ store on the way home.

Keep up the good work.

The Salty One said...

One has to be feeling pretty darn good for cartwheels in bikinis--over the age of 10 anyway!

Congrats on entering yet another marathon training cycle!

Chad said...

hmmmm - good luck with your training - try not to spend too much time on e-bay ;-)

Jim said...

Way to go on another 10-miler. Glad to ehar the injury is not keeping you sidelined. Gotta love that Vitamin I