Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Champion

I happen to be the best.

That's not just a self-glorifying observation; it's a fact. It's also a comment made to me by Tina Turner via one of my favorite running tunes. And although Tina doesn't personally know me, I choose to take her word for it that I am indeed the best.

I remember very well the moment I was brought to this realization by that song when it played during my last half-marathon race. It was at mile 12 and although I was a mere mile point one away from the finish line, I was struggling terribly. I'd run twelve miles of a brutal course with neverending hills and every part of my body ached. At mile 12, I would just as soon have dug my own grave on the side of the course, buried myself alive and let the runners coming up behind me spit on the dirt as they passed. It was that bad.

Then came Tina. "You're simply the best!", she declared, rather emphatically. "Better than all the rest".

Dagnabbit, she was right!

It didn't matter that I was heading for a finishing place just barely in the top half of the field of runners. At that point in time-- at miserable mile 12-- I was the best. I'd run a full marathon just months before. I'd overcome a knee injury and four months of physical therapy. I'd trained my guts out to make a comeback and be ready for this race. In just one more short mile, I was going to cross that finish line with my own personal victory in hand. I was absolutely, 100% the best.

Ever since then, there's something about this song that totally fires me up. No matter what stage I'm at during my run, when it plays on my mp3, I turn up the volume and pick up my pace. Sometimes, I'm so fired up, I even feel like stopping my run for a minute to dance. To shake my groove thang. To get jiggy wid it. I should celebrate the fact I'm the best, after all.

So, try this: if you're ever feeling down in the dumps-- like nobody likes you and everybody hates you and you should just as well go eat worms-- pull up Tina and turn up the volume. Soak it in and feel the love. If Tina says it, it must be so. You are absolutely, 100% the best!

Well... after me, of course.


Allen said...

Hey #1, how does that football team relate to running? Are they your local school? Who ever they are, they won a big, big trophy...

Oh, I know they are... they are cheering for you! I'll cheer for you, too, and everyone else who gets out and walks or runs clap clap

Angie said...

Nah... just a bunch of kids who look pretty excited to be number one too. I thought they were cute. ;-)

Daphna said...

Sometimes feel like that when I heat Melissae Etheridge sing "Giant".

"I am a giant
And you will not make me fall
And you will not make me crawl"

Ovens2Betsy said...

For me it's Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" that gets me to the finish line!!!