Friday, January 12, 2007

Gym Rat

I signed up for a gym memership today... something I've managed to talk myself out of doing for many years, but finally caved when I was offered one of those "New Year's Resolution" deals I couldn't refuse.

Before now, I convinced myself I was "above the gym". I'm a runner, after all. My workout is the road. That said, I've taken advantage of temporary gym memberships in the past and have always enjoyed the benefits they offer. So, I bit the bullet and signed my life away for at least the next year. I figure the cardio machines the gym offers will be useful for my cross-training, not to mention the weight equipment.

I can't say I'm quite full-fledged, gung-ho about the decision, though. There's something about the gym atmosphere that gets old after awhile. On one hand, it can be very motivating to work out with a roomful of people similiarly inclined. But on the other, people aren't exactly at their "best" in the gym and it's not the most appealing of places to hang out every day for a couple of hours. It seems like everybody's watching everybody else, in one way or another.

Gyms feel like one gigantic fishbowl to me. And whaddya know... I'm the newest guppy.


robison52 said...

I've been going to "24 Hour Fitness" for seven years now, I utilize the gym mostly in the Summer months when it's over 100 degrees in the shade, but sometimes will use the gym if it's too cold. During the summer months I also enjoy swimming, not so much in the winter. I keep wanting to start a full-fledge weight lifting program, maybe I will someday soon. Overall, I do get my money's worth from my gym membership. You might be a little too paranoid...I never really watched other when working out, mostly focused on my own workout and/or the tv monitors.

Angie said...


You're probably right about being paranoid... maybe it's just a "woman thing".

On the other hand, I'm a six foot tall woman. I tend to attract attention anywhere I go.