Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bye Bye, Bon Bon

You see that picture to the left of a holiday treat looking all sweet, innocent and delicious-looking? Don't be fooled. That is a picture of a peanut butter chocolate bon bon. And that, my friends, is what evil looks like.

Those sweet, innocent looking bon bons singlehandedly caused my 5-7 pound weight gain over the holidays last year. Five to seven extra pounds that I wasn't able to work off (despite even a grueling round of marathon training) for at least four months.

I'm taking no responsibility whatsoever for allowing the weight gain to happen. Is it my fault I ate more bon bons than I have hairs on my head? Of course not. Is it my fault I couldn't stop shoving them into my mouth one after another as if I were never going to eat another bite of food ever again? Of course not! I was completely and utterly defenseless against the wily and cunning craftiness that is the bon bon.

But this year I came prepared. Knowing full well that resistance against the bon bon is futile, I armed myself with the resolve to beat it at its own game. The more bon bons I was forced to eat, the harder I would work them off. The faster the speed intervals I would run. The higher the stairs I would climb. The heavier the weights I would lift.

So far, it's worked. Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and I can still see my feet, not only from the front, but perhaps more importantly, even from the back.

But now New Year's Eve is upon me.

I am so going down in flames.


Girl on Top said...

I love your attitude!!!

Chesno Slova said...

Ang. Guess what? Jenn, Jodie and I made peanut butter bon bons last night in preparation for your visit and the upcoming festivities this week.

See you on New Years!

Tall Girl Running said...

Damn you, Chesno. Damn you to hell.

Lili said...

WOW those look yummy - My weakness are those damn Lindor truffles. I'm going a little crazy here just thinking about them... mmmmm... must have one!

theloosemoose said...

Insidious freakin' bon bons. Stay strong, Tall Girl, stay strong.

Christie said...

Hey Angie,

Happy New Year! I hope the bon bons didn't take you out on NYE.