Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy Daze

It took a couple weeks to really kick in, but it seems the summer season has finally arrived in the fine state of Idaho. Except for the one day in early June when it snowed for awhile (no, I'm not kidding... would I kid you about that??), we've been enjoying gloriously warm summer days. Children are carelessly darting through sprinklers, chasing butterflies with their bare hands and charging a quarter a piece for small dixie cups of lemonade that have been sitting out in the sun on a table on the side of the road for three hours.

Ahhhh yes, the magical wonders of summer. I remember this.

And now that I'm remembering this, I'm starting to really look forward to fall.

See, I'm a gal of balanced tastes. I don't like extreme cold and I don't take well to extreme heat. Except when it comes to hot showers after a long run. If my skin isn't scalding red and melting off my bones by the time I get out, it wasn't hot enough.

But I digress.

The tricky part about summer running for me is getting out of bed early enough to beat the heat. Along with balanced tastes, I'm also a gal of copious sleep (despite my dear late grandfather's notorious warning that "people die in bed"). I prefer to think of it as being, once again, extremely well-balanced. I don't go to bed very late and I don't get up very early. Getting out of bed at 5:00 in the morning only happens on two occasions: when I have a race to run or when I have a bladder to empty. Otherwise, 5:00 in the morning may as well not exist, since I never see it (sort of like a tree falling in the woods obviously doesn't make a sound if nobody is there to hear it). I suppose I'd get up at 5:00 in the morning if my house were on fire, but you can be darned sure I'd grab a blanket to go back to sleep on the driveway. Oh... and the kids, of course. I'd need them for pillows.

Digressions are rampant today. Must be the heat.

My point in all this blather is that I'm struggling to find a groove to my summer training. I'm getting my runs done, mind you... even the weekly ten milers. I always get them done one way or another, but I'm finding myself running an awful lot of miserable miles in the heat of the evening because I was too lazy to drag my sorry piriformis out of bed in the morning. And by then, all I can think about during my runs are plopping myself down in the middle of a stranger's lawn to soak in the water from the sprinklers. Then there's the kids in the neighborhood who are wising up and charging me twenty bucks per dixie cup of warm lemonade, counting on my being stupid enough not to pack my own water. I guess I can feel good about helping them fund their college educations, but it's still a bit ridiculous.

I'll get it figured out sooner or later. Maybe by next weekend, when I run the local 5K on the morning of the Fourth of July.

Assuming, of course, I can make the 8:00 start.


Christie said...

You're not the only one running in the evening. As much as I would like to, I just can't see getting up at 5am anymore.

tfh said...

I love your blog! I believe you mentioned in a previous post that you don't like the taste of coffee, and since basically the best part of waking up for me really is the (non-Folger's) coffee in my cup, I manage to rouse myself for morning runs. But hey, then I'm always impressed by the evening runners because after work I just feel like changing into my pjs and being lazy...

Nitmos said...

I'm sorry but I like the evening runs in the heat. After seemingly 8 months of cold wintry days, I'll tolerate the heat for awhile happily. Maybe the Idaho sun is a bit warmer though??

Alisa said...

What???!!! You are crazy! Summer is the easiest time to get the piriformis (keeping with the G-rated blog) out of bed. I love long summer days...especially the hot ones. I guess it helps that I grew up in sunny hot Sacramento...I love the sun! On many occasions I've created my top 10 places to live based upon the number of sunny (above 70 degrees) days a year. Sadly, while my hubby is in grad school I'm stuck where the sun rarely shines (but when it does, I am oh so appreciative). Stick with the running...think of how peaceful it is at 5:00am when the sun is already out, the summer birds are singing and the flowers are all blooming...ahhhh summer.

RunnerMom said...

Maybe you can find a "middle ground" for your runs... early enough to not be hot, but nothing crazy--- say 6:00 a.m. (Anything before 6:00 is just nuts if you ask me.) Of course, since you're logging in 10-milers, it might be hot by the time you get to those later miles.

An 8:00 start? That's pretty late! It's going to be hot by then. My 4th 5K is at 7:00 a.m. It's going to be one of those torturous 5:00 a.m. race mornings.

Good luck!

Frayed Laces said...

Heat too much for you? Simple. Run Naked.

Steve Stenzel said...

So did you do a 4th of July 5K? And I like the previous comment about how to take care of the heat. Seems like it would work!


Faithful Soles said...

I naturally wake up at 5:00 a.m., and the heat in Houston is pretty much year round, so I'm out of luck all the way around.