Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's been a few weeks since my last post but yes, I'm still around and yes, I'm still running in the snow and ice. But I'll have you know, I've had a change of attitude about it! No longer do I perpetually lament the fact I haven't run in temperatures above the freezing level since, like, Labor Day.

Okay, I'm exaggerating. It's probably more like Thanksgiving... in Canada.

In any case, the end is in sight! I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm pretty sure it's not headlights from oncoming traffic in a blizzard.

Wait a second... okay, yeah... pretty sure.

Before I'm able to run again without wearing seven layers of clothing, though, I have a few more weeks to endure. Today was a scheduled long run: a 16-mile monster. We'd had a bit of a thaw the last couple of days, which melted much of the snow and ice off the roads and I couldn't help but hope they would still be clear come this morning. Pure foolishness on my part; I woke up to fresh powder once again, heaved a resolute sigh and strapped on my ice cleats once again.

It wasn't very long at all once I got started that I noticed a set of fresh tracks in the snow ahead of me. From the distance they were apart, I could tell they were running tracks and I found myself smiling at the thought that someone else was out here before me this morning, probably as weary of running in the snow as I was, yet doing it anyway. I almost expected the tracks to end within just a mile or two before they turned around and headed from whence they came. Surely nobody is as crazy as me to be running long distances in this stuff. Yet, they kept going... and going... and going. My turnaround actually came before the tracks ended.

I wasn't alone out there today and there was something strangely comforting about that. Not in the misery-loves-company kind of way, but in the camaraderie of when-the-going-gets-tough,-the-tough-get-going kind of way.

I like that.


Allen said...

Were they big tracks, like...uhh...big foot? :)

We've had a lot of snow here in the Salt Lake valley, too. In my blog I've made comments about hours and hours of shoveling snow... However, by waiting until mid-day I've been able to run in mid-30 temperatures. Also, the city has done a great job of plowing the Jordan River Parkway soon after a storm.

So far, I've never seen big foot, but I did see a big snowman that someone had built -- about 8' high.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Congrats on getting some enjoyment out of seeing those tracks. I think that's very cool.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Love seeing the tracks in the snow!

:o) Keep toughing it out! It's almost over!

Jim said...

You'll be fly fishing in the warm sun before you know it! Congrats on a such a long run in such imperfect conditions. Very impressive.

See Zanne Run said...

i think it always helps to know you are not the only one.

Frayed Laces said...

I'll bet the fuzzy feeling you got was also a twinge of "oh I am so bad to the bone and so is this person" kind of mentality. Like you are a member of some sort of hardcore secret society. Gotta love runners!

Velma said...

great blog! Keep up the hard work - spring is around the corner!

Jim said...

Where you at, Angie? Time for an update.

BTW - I'm tagging you which means you have to do the following:

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I've posted the 7 little know things about me on my blog and can't wait to read yours.