Monday, December 31, 2007

And the Heavens Opened Up

The Running Gods smiled down upon me today.

Just as I was about to be swallowed up in a miserable abyss of self-pity because of the perpetual bad weather, I was greeted this afternoon as I set out for the official first run of my latest round of marathon training with I-don't-believe-it,-it-can't-be,-but-it-sure-looks-like-it- SUNSHINE!!

Of course, the temperature was a whopping 16F and the wind was blowing a frigid 15 mph.

Beggars can't be choosers, right?


TNTcoach Ken said...

Amen to sunshine, since we were praising the gods! Just to have that big ball of fire out there is enough to lace up your shoes this time of year. You always want to ensure that your sunglasses still work.

See Zanne Run said...

a shining sun makes all the difference!!

s301 said...

Agreed on sun.

I just started running myself and snow and ice is not that appealing. I am going to be taking my yearly week off in January just to travel to sunny weather in an effort to avoid seasonal affective disorder.

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! While I'm only 5'9" myself, I was wondering where you find tops and pant that are long enough? Any suggestions?

Jim said...

Hi Angie,

I'm glad to see you still truding along in the snow and still posting. Sorry I've not been a very good blog-friend. I'm bouncing back nicely from what was ailing me, and am actually heading to Upstate NY and Vermont this weekend for some easy XC skiing.

It's so funny how you are talking about how much you hate having to run in the cold, snowy, slushy, wet weather while I miss it greatly!I'm sure I'll get a good dose of it this weeeknd and my senses will be snapped back to reality.

I hope to get back into the blogosphere regulalry.