Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wimpy McWimperson

I'm ashamed to admit it, but these increasingly colder temperatures are slowly but surely making a wimp out of me. I toughed it out last week at my Thanksgiving 10K, when the temperature at the start of the race just barely exceeded single digits, but since then my wimp level has been steadily climbing. Even last weekend, I was still bravely holding out, managing a nine mile run in twenty degree weather. Upon returning home, I knew an ice bath would've done a lot of good for my aching lactic acid-saturated muscles, but I was already chilled to the bone and the probability of my stepping into an ice bath was just about or slightly less than the probability of my ever winning the Boston Marathon.

In other words... ain't nevah gonna happen.

Instead, I lowered myself into a bubble bath and felt my eyes roll into the back of my head while the warm water coursed over my nearly numb torso and extremities. I took a good long soak, knowing I'd pay the price for forgoing the ice bath for a couple days, but being convinced it was well worth it.

Today, I finally hit my Maximum Wimp Threshold (MWT for us acronym-happy runners) and opted for the the warmth and comfort of my indoor treadmill instead of a potentially brutal six mile run outside in 27 degree weather with 18 mph wind.

So I'm a wimp... and I'm totally down with that. There's much, much worse things to be.

Turns out there's no end to my wimpiness, however, when I had to stop to walk on the treadmill after only two miles of running. I'm convinced the lowest incline setting on my treadmill at home is much higher than the lowest setting on the treadmills at the gym which I normally run. It just always feels like I'm running uphill at home and I can't muster nearly the pace I can at the gym without soon finding myself on the verge of collapse. I do realize it's possible there's absolutely no difference on the inclines whatsoever, but I am, after all, a self-declared wimp and making excuses is what we wimps do best.

After over an hour of wimpily running slash walking, I finally hit 6.5 miles and shut things down. Although I'm a little disappointed with myself that I let a measly 27 degrees scare me out of my planned outdoor run (I ran a long run last winter when it below zero, for crying out loud!), I guess I can give myself a half-hearted pat on the back for at least getting in a solid workout. If I'm serious about doing this spring marathon, though, I'm going to have to adjust my attitude... and soon.

There's just no room for wimphood in marathon training.


Mommy Donna said...

I don't know about most people, but I find running on the treadmill much harder than running outside. I just can't knock out more that a few miles on the treadmill. It's just so boring. And hot. I'll take an outdoor run or even an indoor track run over the treadmill any day.

Topher said...

I'm about to hop on the 'mill as soon as I get the kids to bed. My wife's at work so I have no choice but to run on the 'mill. If my own mother didn't work for child protective services (seriously), I suppose I could get a quick outdoor run in if I locked the door and asked the kids to please not start a fire while I was out, or tell anyone that I told them not to start a fire while I was out.

Anyway, sorry to waste precious time rambling. Run on!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I'm not a very good dreadmill runner. Can't watch tv or read cause it makes me motion sick and i can't stand the redundancy of staying in one place...

Just layer up...I think I remember Allen once saying he wore like 3 pairs of pants and 5 layers on top.

You can get heater things for your mittens and im sure you could prolly make it work for your shoes if you really wanted too..Or check on Ebay for like battery operated socks. Lol. I don't know. Just some crazy ideas. Im sure you'll adjust.

:o) Keep Warm

Laurel said...

A measly 27 degrees?!?! That is bitter! Wow, I was complaining that it was in the 80's still here. I guess there is always the other end of the spectrum. I should be thankful.

You are my hero for getting out there in that weather. I would be under a blanket with a bowl of soup.

Andy B. said...

27, eh? That is pretty cold, as far as I'm concerned. Good thing you have a treadmill, even if the lowest incline setting is "Mt. Everest!"

It's probably harder at home because there is no one else watching you like there would be at the gym. It's all in the motivation. ;-)

Great blog, I found it through Topher. Happy, and warm, running to you. And good luck this winter...sounds like your treadmill will get a good workout too.


Allen said...

27 degrees (F) and an 18 mph wind gives a wind chill of 2 degrees. That's pretty cold... With all the wind you have up there, I hope you have a good wind breaker as your last layer.

See Zanne Run said...

wimp? i don't think there's anything wimpy about running on a treadmill. i'd rather die first than do that. bundle up girl ... get out in that cold brisk air.

this is very easily said by someone who has yet to run in anything below 30 while she trains for a winter marathon.

while i love running in the cold, am sure i'll be crying for my mommy once it hits 20 and i have to go out & do 20.

Joe said...

> Wimpy McWimperson

Hehehe. How about Slacker McSlacky?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I've been a little wimpy myself, but once I get out there, it seems to go fine.

Just stopping by to see if you still plan on doing 8 on the 8th. We'd love to have you!! Stop by my blog and pick up a race tshirt (or a hunky guy modeling a race tshirt that you can dream about!). Let me know if you run and post so I can include you in the results. See you on the 8th.

Allison Weenig said...

No...wimpy would be me who "braves" the comfort of the gym everyday! You look awesome! So glad you found my blog. Keep in touch