Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flutterby Butterflies

Before I jet out of town tonight to run this little race this weekend, I wanted to thank you all again for your words of support and encouragement. Be it via a comment or e-mail, I've taken each and every good luck wish and grasped it tightly in my hands to be saved and used come Saturday morning.

Those pre-race butterflies are going hog-wild in my stomach. I won't count on them disappearing until my feet cross the start line, but I am so ready to do this! I've spent the week preparing physically by drinking ridiculous amounts of water, eating insane amounts of carbs and sleeping ludricous amounts of hours. And I've prepared mentally by listening to podcasts, studying last-minute tips and just pysching myself up. My game face is definitely on. I am ready to rumble, as it were.

I have a goal time in mind, but if I don't reach it, I won't beat myself up. I'm still a novice marathoner with much to learn and if nothing else, I expect to come away from this race with all kinds of new experience. Then again, if I do run a PR, I'll be throwing myself a little celebratory party... which, naturally, will include lots and lots of ice cream.

Thanks again, everyone. See you on the other side of 26.2 miles!
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robison52 said...

No need to wish you luck as you have hard honed SKILL!! Be strong and have fun!

Jim said...

Crazy busy week at work and I'm glad I remembered to check your blog today to wish you good luck in the marathon. GO ET 'EM ANGIE! Woo Hoo!

Charlie said...

Have fun!

See Zanne Run said...

run, run, run!!!!!!! can't wait to hear from the other side!