Thursday, September 06, 2007

Got Downhill?

Here's the course profile for the Top of Utah marathon I'll be running in eight days:

Don't worry... those muffled sounds you hear are just my quads crying like a girl, begging me to reconsider.


Chad said...

All downhill! way cool - my body is built for downhill right now - I've got lots of mass for gravity to pull on :-)

Good luck - tell your quads to take one for the team - I'm sure the rest of your body likes a downhill course!

robison52 said...

Yup, that huge downhill is going to be painful, Just looking at the chart makes my ankles quiver! Maybe you should buy those shoes that have wheels on the back and you can just roll down?

Peter said...

Although, it's only 50-60ft down per mile. Should be fast and good. You won't be able to walk for days afterwards of course.


See Zanne Run said...

8 days!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

maybe you should hope for snow & bring your skis.

ok - you are going to rock this run.

its all downhill from here, tall girl. run angie, run!

Allen said...

Angie, don't worry at all about the slope in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. You'll do fine. That diagram is very misleading, because it compresses 18 miles into just a few inches in the diagram. The diagram makes it look like a 25-30% grade when in reality it is just a meager 1-2%. It will be a piece of cake for you!

How did you do in your relay Saturday on that long downhill on 10600 South? That was a pretty steep hill and was about a mile long.

Tall Girl Running said...

Thanks for the encouragment, all of you!

Allen, I didn't have any problems whatsover with the hill down 10600 S. In fact, after the nice little steep uphill earlier in the race, it felt heavenly! It was great practice for Saturday.