Friday, June 01, 2007

Dodged Bullet

A hearty Thank You! to all of you who offered suggestions and/or condolences in my behalf since my last post (either via a blog comment or private e-mail). It's nice to know even if I have a gimpy achilles, I still have my friends.

I'm happy to report I luckily dodged a bullet as far as worst-case scenarios go, despite the fact I made a valiant attempt at crippling myself with a potentially serious injury. As it turns out (thanks to a trip to my good pal, the physical therapist), I sustained a partial tear, not in the achilles tendon itself, but rather in the sheath of tissue that surrounds the tendon. The cramp I felt in my calf during my run managed to just slightly pull the achilles enough to cause the pop. I'd figured I'd torn something down there (due to the swelling and bruising) but was perplexed why I didn't feel the pain that should obviously be present with such an injury. My PT put my fears to rest with the far-less-serious diagnosis, but still ordered ice, ibuprofen and a hefty dose of "taking it easy".

Surprisingly, I've actually been following his orders. I've logged a total of-- count 'em-- FOUR running miles all week long. If that's not taking it easy, folks, I don't know what is. Of course, I've also been into the gym to lift weights and bike a few times in order to keep up my cardio capacity... not to mention feed my hopeless addiction to endorphins.

So, although my heel still looks like someone took a hammer to it, it's getting better and better as the days go by.

It'll take a lot more than a measly bullet to take this tough broad down.


See Zanne Run said...

Phew! That was a close one ... glad this worked out!

robison52 said...

Does sound like you dodge the bullet, but I would go literally crazy with just 4 miles of running in a're so smart to take it easy AND seeing your physical therapist as well as taking his advice. You're going to come back stronger and faster than before...especially with the additional weight training and cross training!

Joe said...

Woot! Great news!

Jim said...

Glad to hear your snap, crackle, pop was only in your Rice Crispies. Go have an extra helping of orange stars and pink clovers - you earned it.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hey! Glad to hear it all worked out just fine:)

Biker BT said...

Nice blog !