Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eating my Veggies

I'd like to thank all of you who chimed in to voice your encouragement over my proposition of running another marathon this year. Although, I have to admit, I wish just one of you would have said, "you're flippin' nuts!" to help make my decision a little easier.

Wait a minute... a couple of you did say that. Never mind.

In an email conversation yesterday with another blogfriend of mine (shout out to Suzanne!), she suggested I was a lot like her in that we always need a carrot dangling in front of us... a running goal that is within our reach, but will require a little bit of effort to get there (or, in the case of a marathon, a whole helluva lot of effort). It'd be relatively easy for me to continue running half-marathons and, as evidenced by my last performance, it would be relatively easy for me to reach my goal of running a half-marathon under two hours. Half-marathons for me aren't really dangling carrots. Dangling zucchinis, maybe, but not carrots.

Almost a year ago, when I ran my first marathon, I got a license plate frame that reads: MARATHONER-- I do 26.2! I figured I'd earned my bragging rights and have had it proudly displayed on the back of my car ever since. But now I'm starting to wonder if it could be considered misrepresentation. False Advertisement. It doesn't say "MARATHONER-- I did 26.2!", which, although doesn't rhyme nearly as well, is the more technically accurate statement to be proclaiming to anyone who happens to pull up behind me in traffic.

And so, I am faced with quite a conundrum. Do I do 26.2? Or do I did 26.2? Is there a sequel in me or am I just a one-hit wonder?

How badly do I really want this carrot? And more importantly, if I go for the carrot, can I have the roast beef and potatoes with it?


Joe said...

I'm like you, Angie. I need that carrot too, otherwise it's a lot harder to get out that door every day to run or swim.

Maybe your carrot doesn't need to be the marathon. Maybe that carrot can be a 1:55 half marathon.

See Zanne Run said...

angie -
your analysis cracks me up ... its like you are inside my head. i would think the same. and of course you could have the meat & potatoes with it - you deserve nothing less!

you could always start out with baby carrots ... a few smaller races - a 1:55 half sounds nice, a few 10k's ... all leading up to a nice big bunch that gets you to the big salad in boston.

Tri said...

The real question is....who'd you get to take that picture!?!?! :D

Angie said...

I have two kids who jump at the chance to wield a camera. You should see some of the other pictures they take. :-/

Jim said...

Obviously you need to not dangle carrots or broccoli or zuccinis. You need to dangle CHEESECAKE! Now THAT'S a motivator - and you have to run faster to catch it before it melts away. Guaranteed to give you a PR.

Angie said...

LOL! You're evil, Jim. ;-)

robison52 said...

If I didn't have carrots and goals I'd still be walking!

Nat said...

Pot roast with potatoes and carrots is the best dinner after a long run in the winter. Because you will have to train in the winter for Boston;)

You can have it cooking in your crockpot all day. You come home all tired, limping and sore from a 22 mile training run. You get in your ice bath, decompress and then viola! dinner is ready for you.

Lickety Split said...


So many of us live one project to another. I just finished an 8-month project for my work and it seems like there's always something out there.

I think we live in a society that fills us with dreams and goals from a young age so we get used to chasing "carrots". I have often felt that midlife crises come about at least in part due to the fact that we are at a point in life where we've managed to achieve enough goals and we don't have any in sight.

When I graduated from med school and then specialty training...I was actually depressed for some time as I thought...Gee, I haven't ever NOT had a goal that I was in pursuit of. It's natural (I think). I would say that you know your body best. I would love for you to get the emotional benefit of such an accomplishment but none of your friends would want to see you have a physical setback as a result. So, flip a coin. ;) Just kidding.