Monday, April 16, 2007


A couple of days ago, I went to get the mail... something I do on regular occasion on any given day. I opened the box, peered inside and there in front of my eyes rested a beautifully colorful and glossy edition of Runner's World.

I'd been waiting years for this day to come.

For Christmas last year, my brother-in-law surprised me with a two-year subscription to Runner's World. I'd been running by that time for five years, but had never splurged on buying a subscription for myself. Nonetheless, I'd always wanted one.

For some reason, I've always thought when you have a hobby, buying a magazine subscription that is geared specifically for that hobby validates it somehow. For example, you can say you enjoy home decorating, but until you buy a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens, you're just making your own window coverings out of recycled trash for no good reason. Or, you can claim to be interested in dog training, but until you buy a subscription to Dog and Kennel, you're just making your puppy do stupid pet tricks for no useful purpose.

But now! Now that I have my very own subscription to Runner's World coming to my mailbox every month... now I am a runner!

No more am I covering ridiculously long distances on foot for no good reason.


robison52 said...

Much to my wife's impatience, I usually read my "Runner's World Magazine" in the bathroom. Adds a whole new meaning to "I'm in the bathroom due to 'runs'!"

Charlie said...

Hi Angie,
Funny...I guess not funny funny but coincidently...I just got my first subscription to Runner's World starting this year...subscribed to it back in December and kept waiting and waiting for it but didn't get the first issue until about March...well, got two in March and two in April...and you're right...I feel like a runner now and like a club or something...Never did get Dog and Kennel even though we had two one, but I don't think they miss out on anything...One did go to puppy school and graduated with honors! :-)

Joe said...

After you read a few issues, let us know if you like it.

Chesno Slova said...

I'm sorry it took you soooooooo long to arrive Ang. Glad it finally showed up. Keep on runnin', oh, and invite me to your new home--you know, the one in the picture. You never told me you moved.

Jim said...

Weep, weep. Sniff, sniff. I guess this means I'm not a runner, he says sulking away slowly with his head down.

Angie said...

Jim: I'll let ya borrow one of my magazines for a day or two. After that, you're on you own.

Chesno: Thank you again for the gift. The next two years of subscription will be worth the wait. And I WISH that were my house...even the mailbox is nice.

To everyone else: THANK YOU for your comments! I enjoy every single one.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad not commenting after so many. ;-) RW or not, you rock. :)

Peter said...

Now you too can 'lost those extra pounds' and 'get the 6 pack abs you've always wanted'. Plus, discover a nice 5K run in Austin, TX while you're at it.

Once they start with the '10 ways to make your man sweat' angle I'm never buying a RW again...

Seriously, I think RW took a wrong turn at some point.

Anyway, congrats on finally being a runner.

Angie said...


I did think it rather odd to see the front cover graced by a hunky 30-something dude clad in nothing but his Brooks, a pair of shorts and his six pack.

I only stared at it a little while. ;-)