Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Slumpy McSlumperson

As is evidenced by my lack of blog entires the last week, I'm enduring a bit of a slump. Can't put my finger on what's caused it or what exactly I can do to pull out of it, but after taking another bit of a break, I'm once again forging ahead this week with my training.

Part of my problem, I'm sure, is the perpetual aches and pains I'm having in my right leg. Whether it's in my shin, my hip, my IT band, my groin... my right leg is just givin' me constant grief. It makes me wish I were one of those crazy amphibians that can lose an appendage and grow a new one in its place. Actually, if that were indeed a possibility, I would've gotten rid of all kinds of body parts by now in favor of better ones... but I digress. As it stands, I'm stuck being a gimpy human.

On the bright side (literally), the weather seems to have turned the corner in these parts and I've been favored with beautiful sunny skies and warming temperatures. Perhaps that's all I need to bust out of my slump once and for all.

That and a new knee.


Allen said...


The best way to pull out of a slump is to get extra rest. I'm assuming you did that last week since you made no blog entries. If I'm right, then you did the right thing.

However, your comments about your right leg have me worried. How did your leg feel last week during your time of less (or no?) running? How does it feel during and after your cross training? After your rest days?

As you can tell, I'm guessing that a big part of your "leg problem" may be overuse since the type and degree of pain that you describe isn't normal. If I'm right, then maybe you should forget running, forget racing for a year and do lots of walking. I know, I know, this isn't something you wanted to hear, but it is something to consider...

Ovens2Betsy said...


I feel your pain -- literally! My right knee has been giving me lots of grief, so I finally decided to see a physical therapist. Turns out my hips are really weak, so she's having me do a bunch of leg exercises with leg weights. My IT band is also extremely tight, so she's had me use a foam roller to help loosen it up. It hurts like a M*&^er F(&@#4er, but I think it's really helping (at least that's what I keep telling myself considering I'm paying her $100+ per session!)



Justin said...

I had horrible knee pain a couple of years ago when I was ramping up my training. It turned out to be bursitis. The doctor said that stretching my hamstrings and strengthening my quads could have prevented it, but ice and some prescription anti-inflammatories seemed to do the most good. Try some ibuprofen or naproxen an hour before you run.

Allen said...

Keep in mind, Angie, that ibuprofen and naproxen will reduce the pain, but they don't solve the problem. If you're not careful, with less pain you can continue to overuse your body and increase the injury. You really need to solve the problem. No problem means no pain and no pollution of your with the pain reducing meds.

Justin's comment about stretching and strengthening the muscles is the first step to removing the problem, and not overusing your muscles is the second step. You really should be able to run with no serious pain and no pain reducing meds.

(time to get off my soapbox...)

Faithful Soles said...

I agree with Allen. Taking the time off will help you to heal up and you will come back much stronger for it. I too am taking off some time (bad left shin splint) and I know in the end I'll be better off for it. By the way, I wanted to thank you again for linking to our Blog Database on the main Faithful Soles web site. We now have bloggers from 37 states in the USA and 20 other countries. I wish you speedy recovery.

Chad said...

Keep in there. Slow down and let things heal up and then get moving again. Also, find a nice day or two (with no dead bodies on the side of the road ;-)) to run to remind your body how fun this is.

You'll do great.