Monday, March 26, 2007

On the Mend Again

Quick Update:

My detour from training the last few weeks has been doing some good for my troubled ITB. The deep tissue massages from the physical therapist-- while not at all comfortable-- have really helped. I'd also been having problems with a strained groin on the same leg and finally swallowed my pride enough to mention it to my P.T. He's been doing ultrasound and electrode therapy there too (not as much fun as it sounds) and I'm seeing the same improvement as with my leg.

I've built up my mileage again very slowly, culminating with a six-miler last Saturday. My leg takes a good 2 miles to warm up, but once it does, I feel relatively comfortable, albeit still a little tentative and slow. I'm encouraged by the fact I seem to not have lost too much cardio capacity with the decrease in training. If there's one thing that gets me the most down during a run, it's feeling like I'm sucking wind the whole way.

My race is now less than four weeks away. My goals have had to be adjusted due to my uncooperative body, but I'm very optimistic I can run a good race. It may not be the PB finish I was hoping for, but it'll be a great way to break in the new year of events on my slate. And yet again, I've learned some valuable lessons during my training this go 'round that will make me a better and stronger runner in the future.

Perhaps someday-- even if it's not for another 20 years-- I'll finally fit together all the pieces of the puzzle and run the perfect race.

Patience, grasshopper.


See Zanne Run said...

i had a lot of hip flexor trouble last year while training for my marathon - in fact, i spent the whole 6 weeks prior to race in PT ... i remember those runs where it took 2 miles to stop limping & warm up - my magic elixir turned out to be the bike - i would get on it before every run & ride for at least 30 minutes. (it's on one of those staionary trainer things). I never thought i'd be the sort of person who would work up a sweat BEFORE going out to run, but it really worked wonders to warm up my leg without the pounding. i could then head out the door & run pain free. certainly worth a try!

Chad said...

Live and learn - I think that's the key. Remember there will be other races so take your time and get healthy coming up to this race. Sometimes its fun to find out what you are capable of with a reduced training regimen - I think you might surprise yourself!

robison52 said...

With continued improvemnent you should do fine in the upcoming Salt Lake City Half Marathon! Keep in mind the course is mostly downhill, which can be more physically difficult on sore legs than running uphill, but will indeed be very might just get that personal best even with a sore body in repair. Looking forward to meeting you!

Joe said...

Your cautious approach to this injury and your modified expectations for your race time are admirable. We can all learn from that.

runliarun said...

I strained my groin last year, and it took me a long time to get over it. I have some exercises specifically aimed at the area. Would you like them?

Angie said...


I'd love your suggestions. I seem to be prone to groin pulls, having had it happen on both sides within the last couple of years. This time, it's been more troubleseome with my running, so I'm willing to try anything that'll help. You can email me through my profile!