Monday, February 05, 2007

Just curious...

How many calories do you suppose a six-foot tall, 145 pound woman can burn vacuuming bird seeds off the carpet?

What about folding socks?

Shampooing hair... not once, but twice before conditioning as the manufacturer suggests?

Normally, I wouldn't be so curious about such things, but seeing as these activities are my only form of exercise for the past four days, I'm getting a little desperate. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any major withdrawal symptoms yet... except my left eyeball doing that weird twitching thing every few seconds.

What about writing a check to pay the gas bill instead of paying it online??


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Breathe said...

I am cracking up here! The eye-twitching must be something in the air as mine has been going for a couple of weeks....wonder if it could be connected to mileage.

My poor husband gets the raw end of the deal when I am off of running for too long. My poor legs run all by themselves in the middle of the night and he deals with bruises for days. Of course, a day off here and there is therapy for my - and those are the days when I forget to set the alarm....whoops!

Good luck with your rest. If you do enough laundry, pulling the items out of the dryer one at a time to fold them, you have a headache AND folded laundry. You could do squats..hmm. I'm 6'2" and I'm trying to figure out on my blog if it's less work or more work to be a tall runner. Still can't figure it out!