Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

... as Gene Autry would say.

Except, it's probably more sidesaddle style. Sort of in the saddle, sort of not.

Let me explain.

After a full five days off from running (and any other physical exercise for that matter), I ventured out for a run this morning. The weather has been cutting us a break the last few days as we've been enjoying temps in the fourties. I never thought fourty degree weather would feel so glorious! It was still warming up when I set out this morning-- low twenties-- but even that felt considerably warmer than the single-digit temperatures I've become accustomed to the last several weeks.

I figured I'd run five miles, short enough to be considered a relatively easy run, but long enough to be able to gauge how my legs were feeling after the self-imposed rest. A bit of frustration set in immediately when I felt the ache appear in my shins as soon as I picked up into the first few steps of the run, but it eased off fairly quickly and didn't phase me for the rest of the run. My right calf felt tight, but my hip-- which I consider to be my biggest troublesome spot right now-- didn't complain whatsover. I iced and stretched it afterward just for good measure, but I was pleased with how it responded.

Aerobically, I still felt a little weary. I was rather annoyed by this as I'd expected to feel light and energetic. That said, I've had a few rough nights of sleep and have a little bit of congestion in my chest, so feeling tired isn't altogether unexplainable. Still, it's been a long time since I've actually felt winded while running-- struggling just a bit to catch my breath-- so that might be a bit of a side effect from the down time.

Overall, it was a good start to my comeback. I took walking breaks every mile (which I'm considering starting to implement again to see if my legs might better respond to them) and finished the five miles at my overall usual pace. I can't say I felt on top of the world, but it definitely felt good getting out again and I hope to pick up from here.

Now, where'd I leave my stirrups?

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Chad said...

Great you are getting back out there!

I always liked taking walking breaks, I wonder if I should start breaking those back into my longer workouts. I think it is a big help in developing conditioning.