Thursday, February 08, 2007


If you will, allow me a moment of gratuitous self-adoration.

I have beautiful toes.

Before I started running, I would never have thought of my toes as something to brag about. I mean, if I'm going to brag about overlooked body parts, I'd draw your attention to something else. My eyelids, for example. I was once told I have outstanding eyelids. And my collar bones. I have collar bones that will knock your socks off.

But my toes? Honestly, I never even acknowledged I had toes before I started running. Unless, of course, I stubbed one. Then I made sure everybody within hearing distance knew not only that I had toes, but they were "$!*#!" toes at that.

I not only acknowledge my toes now, but am quite proud of the fact they are, in fact, beautiful. You would never know by looking at my toes that I am a long-distance runner. You'd never know by looking at my rear end that I'm a long-distance runner either, but that's a post for another day.

I'm especially humbly grateful for my beautiful toes after hearing horror stories about runners who-- and I say this in the nicest of ways-- have circus freak toes.

Case in point:

The morning of my marathon last summer, I sat next to a fellow runner on the bus ride to the starting line. We got to chatting and she shared with me one of those previously-mentioned toenail horror stories. My chin dropped to the floor as she told me how she ran this marathon last year and lost-- count' 'em-- five toenails.

FIVE toenails! After running a marathon, she found herself short of five rather important parts of her body!

This was not encouraging to me.

I'd brought along my economy-sized tube of Sports Slick and even though I'd already spread a layer the thickness of a filet mignon on my toes, I added a couple more layers just for good measure. Good news was that I didn't lose any toenails that day. Better news is that now, seven months post-marathon, the three toenails I had that turned black are pretty much back to normal.

Thank goodness for red nail polish, preserving my beautiful toes status for another day.


Anonymous said...

All right, enough highlighting your beautiful body parts. You're going to be stalked by Foot Fetish Man, and you thought being flexed at by Boob Guy was bad. :P

Chad said...

I've never lost a toenail - despite several long hikes up and down the Grand Canyon where many people lose them consistently - and I'd just as soon keep it that way!!!

I had one that got smashed last year and started to turn a little black, but it's since recovered. I didn't paint it ;-) (especially not red!)

BigJohn said...


I'm new to the blog, but I posted a fitness blog and caught wind of yours. You go by "Tall Girl Running" I could go by "Tall Man Running." Okay, I'm not that tall, 6'5 220, but I am not a good distance runner either. I have been doing more cross training (My Blog) but have also started to run more. I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc so I have eliminated my basketball days (which I loed so much), but the rest of the body is okay (knees, shoulders, etc). Have you had any injuries to deal with? Being a tall runner no problam with the back or knees? I liked the Footsy blog by the way, and yes I must say you have Very nice feet/toes! (Sorry, I have a little foot fetish: I promise I'm not a weirdo! LOL) While I am not anywhere near your level of running (I run about 3 miles twice a week, and one or two days of sprint work)I have been running more and more without basketball. I hope your running continues to go well, and drop me a line if you get a chance. Good Luck in your training John