Saturday, February 10, 2007

All in a Day's Run

I tackled my first long run in two weeks this morning and eight miles later, came away relatively unscathed.

I'd left whether I'd even run at all today up to a game-time decision, due to a chest cold I've been battling for a few days. Yesterday, I spent what must have been an illegal amount of time in bed in an attempt to get all the rest I could. By this morning, it finally felt like the congestion had broken, so I decided it was Game On. Of course, if I were smart, I wouldn't have run until I was completely recovered from the cold. But of course, I'm not smart. I accept this fact.

To add insult to injury, I managed to strain my groin a couple days ago on the adductor machine at the gym. There was a time I couldn't even tell you where my groin was located or even confirm I had a groin, for that matter. Now, as a runner, I find myself telling perfect strangers on the internet the status of my groin's well-being as if I'm talking about the weather.

Speaking of the weather... I've been spoiled this week and am trying desperately not to take it for granted because as soon as I do, I'll get socked with sub-zero temperatures again. As it was, I ditched my gloves half-way into the run and would've done the same with my hat if I knew I didn't look like a troll without it.

About mile five, I was running up on something that looked potentially disturbing. A hundred yards ahead of me was a long, dark blue "something" that-- from my best vantage point-- looked suspiciously like a body bag. I had visions of having to call 911 on my cell phone, "Uhhh... yeah... I think somebody left behind a body on the Yellowstone Highway.... yes, I'll wait 'til you get here, but please hurry because I'm in the middle of my long run". Thankfully, that wasn't necessary... the body bag was just a blue mattress folded in half. I really hate when I have to report bodies on the side of the road. It totally throws off my groove.

I'm getting off track.

So... eight miles. I ran them. The first six were terrific... my lungs balked a little at the cold air, but settled down after ten or fifteen minutes. My shins felt nary a splint. My groin was back to doing its normal groin thing. And other than feeling just a tiny bit drowsy from all the napping I'd done the day before, I was feelin' fine. I took walking breaks every mile and carried Gatorade, something I haven't done in a long time but decided it could only help.

In the back of my mind, I told myself when I hit six miles, I'd gauge how I felt and go for nine miles if I felt strong. My hip must've been eavesdropping on the conversation in my head because at precisely mile six, it spoke up and informed me rather rudely that it would not be running nine miles today. So, I finished up the original route and logged a respectable eight mile run.

Tomorrow, I'll rest. Stretch. Maybe take another nap.

And charge my cell phone in case I have to report a body on my next run.

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Chad said...

hmm . . .

I don't think body bags, dead bodies or any other similar items would make for good for a run/week/year/decade.

Congrats on the first long run in a few weeks - sounds great!