Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winter Wonderland

On my way home from errands the other night, I saw a fellow running through a Christmas-lit neighborhood under a dark sky of falling snow. He was bundled up in gloves and a hat and seemed to be just gliding along across the sparkled, white-covered road. I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas (think female version of Scrooge), but something about watching him for a few seconds gave me the most peaceful, dare-I-say "Christmas spirit" feeling I've had thus far this season. I decided the next time it snows, I'm going to drive up to that same neighborhood and run... even if it's just a mile or two.

Somebody remind me.

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RedThree said...

I've been working part-time in retail this year... needless to say I haven't been feeling the love for Christmas this year, until I did a pre-dawn run in KY with my brother-in-law. What was supposed to be a short jaunt around the block turned into a 15 miler. We just wanted to keep looking at the lights.

Keep running.