Saturday, December 23, 2006


I've always told myself I eat so I can run and run so I can eat, but this is ridiculous.

My local grocery store's bakery has been selling these humongo-bungo, size-of-your-hand cinnamon snickerdoodles all month and I simply cannot stay away from them. Resistance is futile! For the last week, I've eaten at least half of a snickerdoodle before I go out to run (you know, for "fuel"), then upon returning, I figure I've earned myself the right to eat the other half.

Where did this snickerdoodle fetish come from?? What happened to being completely satisfied with a pre-run banana and a post-run bagel?

It's the elves, I tell you. You just can't trust 'em.


robison52 said...

I've been eating Marie Callender's Double Chocolate Cheese Cake for Breakfast, Lunch Snack, and dinner desert...I've gone cheesecake crazy...I wonder how I gained that 5 pounds since my marathon? I'm not too concerned durng the holidays as I'll be adding more and more mileage once my recovery is over.

Angie said...


My dad always tells me how great he thinks I am for not being afraid to eat when the eatin's good. And there's never better eatin' than over the holidays!

So, here's to another snickerdoodle or slice of cheesecake. We'll run it off next week. ;-)