Monday, December 04, 2006

Run like a girl... dress like a girl

It was brought to my attention several weeks ago that one of the newest women's fashion fads for runners is wearing a running skirt.

"Huh?"... you ask, your eyebrows raised. "How exactly does one run in a skirt and furthermore, why would one want to do such a thing?"

Well, armed with the very same questions as you, I did a little research and found a number of websites
selling such a novelty. The more I looked, the more it made sense. Sure, the skirts are cute, but having never been the sort of woman whose fashion goal it was to look "cute", the cute factor was sorely wasted on me. Surely there's more to wearing a running skirt than looking cute.

And indeed there is.

Running skirts are built similarly to tennis skirts, with tight-fitting compression shorts underneath the skirt. Suddenly, it all made sense! My nylon running shorts are great, but it's nearly impossible (ahem) to always keep them (ahem) staying where they need to be (ahem) . Sure, I could wear spandex shorts, but c'mon folks... let's get serious here. My neighbors really have done nothing to deserve seeing me out running the streets in spandex.

The running skirt had the potential to be the perfect solution. Spandex running shorts, staying exactly where they need to be , while still having the modest coverage of the skirt (no ahems). So, I bought two skirts online and they've been everything I hoped they would be. Sure, I felt a little self-conscious at first (I can't say for sure, but I think I've had a few more car honks than usual), but once I got over that and back to not caring what people think, they've easily become my favorite running attire.

And they look so cute.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty tall girl who started running last year and just finished my first marathon. The 3" inseam shorts are wayy too short. (I refer to them as my running bikini.) While I'm not normally obsessed with clothing, I would love to hear more about what works well for you. I've seen too many running photos that deserve a well placed censor!