Sunday, December 10, 2006


That's what I've been doing with my treadmill this week. With a busier-than-usual work schedule combined with the neverending demands of the holiday season, it's either been run the treadmill or don't run at all. And of course, due to my obsessive-compulsive nature regarding self-torture, not running at all is not an option.

I don't hate running on the treadmill like many runners do; in fact, it's sometimes a very welcome reprieve from running outside and having to deal with weather, traffic, dogs, and... well... people in general (yes, I'm rather anti-social). For whatever reason I've yet to figure out, I can't run as fast on the treadmill than I can outside, so a run of the same distance takes a good eight or ten minutes longer. Still, I feel like I worked my rear end off whenever I run the treadmill (an incredible feat, considering I have plenty of rear end to spare).

Among a couple of other shorter runs, I managed two six-mile endeavors on the treadmill this week... significantly longer than I normally have the tolerance to run on the mill, but which turned out to be rather enjoyable. I've really been feeling the mind-clearing and stress-relief effects of my running this week. It's somewhat ironic that what exerts me so much physically has such a calming emotional effect. That's the beauty of running.

Christmas is only two weeks away. I may have to run another marathon just to make it there with my sanity still intact

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you are running farther on the treadmill than it says. Is it possible your treadmill isn't calibrated to reflect exact distance? You could mark the belt with a piece of tape or chalk and measure the belt (carefully), then count revolutions and do the math. Just a thought. You might be surprised.

Keep Running! -RJ