Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jolly Holiday

I went out this morning for my first sunrise run of the year.

I'm no stranger to early-morning workouts, mind you. Summer training finds me on the road as early as 4:30 in the morning and winter training finds me in the gym at an equally ungodly hour. It's taken until the first week of May this year, however, to find the gumption to hit the pavement at the break of dawn.

I'd forgotten how perfect early morning running really is. Surreal, I'd even go so far to say. I wasn't more than a mile down the road when I was struck with the impression I was in the middle of the movie Mary Poppins when it goes from real-life to animation. You remember that part, right? When I was a kid, I wished over every birthday cake I ever ate that I could play in an animated world like that, even just for one day. And then I blew out the candles and opened packages of socks and underwear instead.

As I headed out that morning, the sun was barely peeking over the eastern horizon, illuminating the sky in subdued watercolor hues. The clouds were wispy, gently floating in the cool, crisp morning air. For just another hour or so, the atmosphere would be absolutely silent except for the sound of the chirping bluebirds and the red tulips opening their delicate petals to greet the azure sky. I think the birds could have been singing a Rob Zombie tune and it would have been the loveliest melody ever heard.

As I climbed the butte behind my neighborhood to run the farm hills above it, I saw six bunny rabbits casually sunning on the side of the road. (They weren't just regular rabbits... they were bunnies.) They eyed me cautiously then scampered quickly away before I could get too close to them. I startled a mallard duck out of the stream I was running alongside, fascinated by its brilliant colors as it flapped its wings in retreat. Even the farm horses grazing in their pastures seemed extraordinarily regal.

As I ran, lighter on my feet than I'd been in a very long time, I marveled at the sheer resplendence of it all. It may have taken thirty years, but I finally got my chance to play in an animated world. As the song goes, happiness was blooming all around me.

I'm just glad Dick Van Dyke didn't show up doing a tap dance in those creepy penguin pants.


Linda Gibbs said...

Angie, I love it! One of my favorite movies. I really need to drag me and my big butt out of bed and see what you see. I'm only about 2 miles from where you live, but, Of course all I might see is a grumpy man doing yard work and little yappy dogs nipping at my ankles!!

Maureen said...

This was such a great post! The way you wrote was really entertaining and I felt like I saw the bunnies too...Enjoy your next run!

Chesno Slova said...


joeyb said...

I have always hated cartoons. Call me an anticartooni, but for some reason they really bug me. HOWEVER, I caught a glimpse of your joy through your writing and for a fleeting moment was dancing on the tulips. KEEP WRITING.

Atalanta said...

I love reading your blog! It's so well written and quirky and there's a lot of inspiration in here. I'm another tall girl and I've never run before but I just committed myself to a marathon in november. I look foreward to reading more about your training because I can relate so well. Keep it up!

chris mcpeake said...

great post. Nothing beats a really great run