Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ready to Rumble

This will be a short post since I'm incredibly busy resting and carbo-loading right now. My marathon is Saturday morning and the last thing I want to do is come down with a last-minute finger injury from typing up a long blog post... not to mention the brain power it requires to come up with the stuff I do. Right now, I'm trying to use as few of my bodily functions as possible.

Turns out the last few weeks of marathon training had one more little trick up its sleeve to play on me. Somehow, I fell victim to a strained hip flexor two weeks ago. It was one of those muscles I didn't realize I even had until it started hurting. I think it happened during a long tempo run on the treadmill but not realizing the severity of it, I went and exacerbated it a few days later by running 22 miles. I exacerbate quite a lot... but that's a post for another day.

Long story short (saving the fingers, you know), I've been having to constantly baby my hip flexor for a couple of weeks. That's a tricky spot to stretch, let me tell ya, and icing it... well... let's just say my walking around with an ice pack stuffed down the front of my pants doesn't raise a single eyebrow in my house.

I think-- I hope-- I have it under control. No doubt I'll be doped up on ibuprofen come race morning but I'm still confident there's a PR waiting for me at the finish line, assuming everything else goes in my favor.

If not, I might have to exacerbate something and it ain't gonna be pretty.


Mel said...

LOL. Darn it, that stinkin' hip flexor! Stop exacerbating girl... ummm, I might have to look that one up;) Can't wait to see you on Saturday! Good luck. Eat some carbs for me too:)

Funnyrunner said...

GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try not to think about the hip flexor (more easily said than done, I know).



I'll share 2 of my recent favorite motivational quotes for runners:

1. "When in doubt, when in fear, be aggressive. Commit yourself and never look back." (unknown)

2. "I love controlling a race, chewing up an opponent. Let's get down and dirty. Let's fight it out. It's raw, animalistic, with no one to rely on but yourself. There's no better feeling than that." - Adam Goucher (winner of 1999's U.S. Nationals in 5000K).

Morgan said...

There is not a doubt in my mind that you won't rock this race... don't fall victim to all the twinges that are popping up, just take care of yourself and keep on trucking... race day is right around the corner and you've got this!

Zach said...

Good luck at TOU! Can't wait for the race report, when your fingers are free to express themselves to the fullest. I'm right behind you (St George 10/3). Rock on!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Hip ouch!!! BEst of luck! I will add you to the list for High Five Friday.. I know Ang and Candice are running Top of Utah also, seems like Utah is the place to be.

Gosh I hope your fingers are OK :)

The Sean said...

Stick to your plan for 2/3rds and then soar!

Laurel said...

UGH! Damn hips!!!

Forget it, you're going to do great! You're totally ready for this.

Good luck!!! I cant wait to read the report!