Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change of Scenery

Things have been a little hectic in my corner of the world the last few weeks. A full ten years after buying our house, I finally convinced (read: threatened) my husband to finish our basement. He's a contractor by trade, so you'd think that'd be a project that would have been completed years ago, wouldn't you? Apparently, however, he and the proverbial plumber with the leaky faucets are good pals. Nevertheless, even as I type, I can hear the sounds of hammering, drilling, nailing, spraying, pounding, scraping, and all-around general banging down below me. I've pretty much had a headache for three weeks.

Somehow, I've managed to retain my sanity, thanks mostly to keeping up a regimented schedule of running to help blow off the stress. There doesn't exist a jackhammer that can rattle me, not when I had a fantastic tempo run the night before! The only downside is that I've been relegated to doing my treadmill runs in the garage where all the furnishings of the previously unfinished basement have been temporarily moved. One day, I ran eight miles while facing the artificial Christmas tree; another day, I ran alongside the lawnmower and weed whacker. And yet another day, when the temperature outside had topped 70 degrees, I ran with the garage doors open while neighbors drove by every few minutes.

You'd think my own neighbors would be above honks and catcalls, wouldn't you?

Fortunately, the end is increasingly within sight and before long, I'll have my very own room in the basement to run on the treadmill, complete with walls, carpet and maybe even a sound system.

Not to mention a little privacy from the creepy old guy with binoculars across the street.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Like a run on the treadmill is not bad enough, but staring at an artificial Christmas tree.. WOW you are tough!!

Here is wishing you a quick build and oasis when completed.

robison52 said...

UGH! And I thought running on the treadmill at the gym was tough, I would go stir crazy running in your surroundings!!

joeyb said...

YEAH!!! It's happening. Wow, I can hardly believe it. My son, the contractor, is finishing his basement. And running with a Christmas tree and mower will soon be fading memories of the past.

livelypen said...

Suddenly, running on a treadmill staring at walls and carpet sounds so appealing! Congrats on the basement finishing. Can't wait to try out the guest room.

Oh, and, P.S. from the verb living blog--no, E.T. doesn't count because you weren't 10 years old in 1985! However, "Tootsie" and "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" are good options. : )

queenieweenie said...

Post pictures when it's all done!

An exercise room-what a dream.

Nitmos said...

Look at you with the arched entrance! Will there be Roman columns also?

Enjoy the room.

karyogomy said...

I am now an official blogging commentator and I have started with yours. Way to blog mi tall girl running and way to finish a basement mi super duper remodelling crew. Love from me.

The Hoyt's said...