Friday, August 10, 2007

Check and ReCheck

Night Before Long-Run Checklist
  • Batteries charged for mp3 and GPS? Check.
  • Plenty of Gatorade and GU gels? Check.

  • Ice in freezer for post-run bath? Check.
  • Gauze for cushioning bruised toenails? Check.
  • Sports Slick to prevent chafing burns under arms? Check.
  • 18-mile pre-mapped route? Check

  • Alarm clock set for 4:45 a.m.? Check

  • Sanity fully intact?
Well... seven out of eight ain't bad.


Steve A. said...

Check that!!!

You CAN. You will.


Anonymous said...

Checklist prepared? Check. :-P

See Zanne Run said...

haha!!! LOVE that last one! how did it go?

Chad said...

keep on going - I don't think sanity should be on the checklist - it's too hard to find ;-)

Steve A. said...

4:45?!?!?! It's not light then!!! I know this!! :)