Saturday, July 28, 2007

Living Room Hogwarts

I thought my 7-year old had remained relatively unscathed from the current Harry Potter mania until I emerged from my bedroom from taking a post-16 mile run recovery nap and discovered this:

I suppose the good news is instead of worrying about my house being set on fire while I'm resting, I only need to be concerned about errantly-cast curses or spells.



Anonymous said...

I bet it removes most of the guilt of sleeping in the middle of the day when you can label it a "post-16 mile recovery nap"! Good going!

Little witches and warlocks are hyper-cute at that age aren't they?

I'm going to go take a pre-morning run preparation nap now.

robison52 said...

Shucks, I'm an old man and hadn't escaped the mania, hard to carry my wand when running :)

VERY cute pictures of the coven!!!

Jim said...

How funny. While family camping this weekend all three of our kids were sitting by the fire reading three different Harry Potter books. THeycertainly are under his spell.

Allen said...

Hey Bruce, be sure you DO carry your wand when running. Great for turning vicious dogs into field mice.

kiki said...

what a cute picture. It cracked me up.