Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Taper, Sweet Taper

What a rollercoaster ride I've had training for this race!

I'd started off the year with every intention of running two 13 mile training runs and a 15 miler, not to mention an 11 and 12-mile outing. Instead, my leg trouble kept me at bay much of the time and ten miles has been my peak (although I've run four different 10-milers during the course of my training).

This morning was my last long training run before I start tapering for the SLC half-marathon a week from Saturday. I had a hard time getting going (a mere 15 minutes before finally setting out, I was fully dressed in my running gear, but slumped over the side of my bed taking a catnap). I hadn't slept well the night before and worried my energy level would be rock-bottom low, but I really surprised myself. Ten miles down at a steady, even pace with enough gas left in the tank to have gone further if I needed. I tried the Clif Shot Blocks for the first time (instead of the gel) and really think they made a difference. I just popped one every two miles during my walking break and it seemed to provide an instant boost of energy every time. I have another package to use for the race and will carry along a couple of gels as well just in case.

I'm quite a fan of tapering. Before I became a runner, I thought tapering had to do with candles... or skinny pants. But no-- tapering is a most wonderful thing! I still plan to run, of course, and will probably even run a few challenging, but short hill routes. But for the most part, I'll be letting this aging body of mine get some needed rest before putting it to the test on April 21st.

I'm eyeing up pretty seriously getting a PR in Salt Lake City. Anything under 2:11 would do that, but I'll be striving to get under 2:08. Eventually this year, I want to break that coveted two-hour barrier, but I look at SLC as one of the necessary baby steps in getting there.

I've had my share of times at the bottom of this rollercoaster ride. Now it's time to go soaring over the top.


Joe said...

It sounds like your leg troubles are behind you now. Enjoy the taper!

Chad said...

Wow time flies - good luck with your race. I'm sure you will do great!!!

I'll be cheering you from 500 miles away!!!

Jim said...

You're gonna do great, no matter what the blasted watch tells you at the end. You've been training and are racing 13 miles! Not many folks can cay that. Can't wait to read all about it.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hi!I've been following your training for awhile and thought that I would Pipe up and say good luck! I can't wait for the race report!


Nat said...

Hi Angie! Just wanted to say good luck!

Peter said...

I've been keeping a low profile (since my last race was the Canyonlands half), but I enjoy reading your blog (in spite of the guilt that I took your lottery spot).

I think that's all history now and we can put that behind us, right?

So, good luck with SLC!!

Angie said...

Thank you, Peter, for finally ceasing and desisting your shameful lurking and making your presence known! For that, I shall forgive you for taking my precious Moab spot. But if it happens again... best to sleep with your eyes open.

Come back anytime!