Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top Ten

Top Ten Uncommon but
Very Practical Uses for a Rolling Pin

#10 Kindling to build an emergency bonfire in the back yard

#9 Self-defense against intruders, aggressive dogs or pesky door-to-door salespeople

#8 Lovely Martha Stewart-approved decorative lawn ornament

#7 Speed bump placed strategically in hallway to thwart speeding children

#6 Electricity-free hair straightener, endorsed by Al Gore

#5 Measuring stick for when you need to... you know... measure stuff

#4 Under the bed clutter-retriever

#3 Garbage disposal pusher-inner

#2 For making homemade pie. Wait... check that. For trading in at Marie Callendars for possible discount on pie.

And the #1 Uncommon, but Very Practical Use for a Rolling Pin:

Daily massager for a gimpy IT band to help get Angie back out on the roads.


Joe said...

> Daily massager for a gimpy
> IT band to help get Angie
> back out on the roads.

Hmn, well, maybe not. But those foam roller thingies are pretty effective for ITBS.

> Six Feet of Girl lumbering down
> the road... heart pumping, lungs
> heaving, long limbs flailing
> everywhere. No, I wasn't exactly
> "built" to run and it's not a pretty
> sight when I do.

I beg to differ. Maybe it's just because I'm 6'2" but I think six feet of girl lumbering down the road is a pretty sight.

Angie said...

Awww, shucks, Joe! (blushing furiously)

Actually, the rolling pin works marvelously. Except it makes me dream of swimming in banana cream pie every night.

Chad said...

Good luck with the rolling pin. I guess whatever is handy! Hopefully you get back up and going soon!