Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chip Off the 'Ol Block

My 13-year old daughter decided this week to sign up for the track program at her school. She's well on her way to becoming tall like her mother, but up until this point hasn't shown much interest in athletics. So, I was a bit surprised by her announcement, but supportive nonetheless, especially since it will involve her in an activity that we can enjoy together from time to time.

Yesterday was her first practice session at the high school track. When she returned home, I eagerly asked how it went. At first, I got the standard teenager reply, "It was fine".

"Well, could you maybe, possibly be bothered to expound on that a little?"

She then proceeded to tell me how the coach started off by making them run around the track two times. TWO TIMES, Mom! That's, like, five miles!

Well, actually, sweetie... that's only 1/2 a mile.

Whatever, she said.

I figured telling her when I ran my marathon, it was like running 105 times around the track would just be bragging. I'll save that for another day, once she can better grasp the truly impressive feat that it is.

Coach then made them do all kinds of "weird" exercises, including lunges and sidesteps, then had them run up and down the stadium stairs, followed by more trips around the track, and finally some cool-down stretching.

She's determined it was the hardest thing she's ever done in her life, especially given the fact she woke up this morning really tired and sore.

Welcome to my world, kid.


Anonymous said...

Just wait, kiddo. :) Never give up.

robison52 said...

I hope the coach doesn't burn out the kids before they realize the enjoyment of running...sounds like she did so much running as a beginner, PLUS running up stairs AND running drills! I recall many stories of runners who quit running in high school becuase it was too tough or became injured, but later became runners when they were older adults.

Joe said...

Hehe, funny story. These kids today, I'll tell ya...