Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Thoughts, Part I

As every long-distance runner is well aware, there is a copious amount of time with which to contemplate the universe and what makes it go 'round during any given training run.

Often, I'll use this copious amount time to actually do productive thinking. Perhaps troubleshoot in my mind a particular dilemma that's plaguing me at work or maybe do some mental evaluating of how to improve my parenting skills now that I have a teenager in the house . Sometimes I'll accomplish quite a bit of planning for the weeks or months ahead, such as what in the hay I'm going to do to when I'm in charge of this summer's family reunion. There's even many times when I'm lost in deep thought and reflection about very important things going on my life and how I can go about implementing the learning experiences I'm garnering from them to make me a better person.

And then there's the random thoughts.

You know them, even if you're not a runner. Those obscure thoughts that appear out of nowhere into your head, taking up precious valuable space for just a few moments, only to disappear as quickly as they come. But for runners, random thoughts are what get us from the first few steps of every run to the last, no matter the distance. Random thoughts are imperative to the mental well-being of every runner.

This post and occasional posts to come are dedicated to my random thoughts. Those tidbits of processed information that fill the space between my ears as I log yet another few miles on these legs 'o mine.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I present Today's Random Thoughts:

  • I need to buy some Draino. Note to self: buy Draino.
  • I wish there were somewhere to spit. Can't they make a treadmill with a built-in spittoon?
  • Should I be more embarrassed to have the Spice Girls on my mp3 or the Pussycat Dolls?
  • Dinner tonight: something I like but the kids hate or something I hate but the kids like?
  • Running rocks. Look at me go! Woot!
  • Why, why, WHY does that guy insist on wearing cologne to the gym???
  • I can't stand Bob Barker. Shouldn't he be retired or dead already?
  • Running sucks. Whose bright idea was it to run, anyway??
  • Think I'll bike tomorrow for cross-training. Of course, I hate biking. It hurts.
  • Aren't birds supposed to fly south for the winter?
  • Running rocks! Gettin' my second wind. Feelin' like a million bucks.
  • I like that guy's shirt. What color green is that? Kelly green, maybe? That's a nice color.
  • That electrical cord on the ground really should be tucked away lest somebody trips, breaks his nose on the stairmaster and sues the gym, thus raising my membership fee.
  • That guy kinda looks like that one guy on that one show. What's his name?
  • I wish I had some ice cream at home. Why do I never have ice cream at home when I'm craving it? Blueberry yogurt ain't gonna cut it.
  • Okay, running definitely sucks. Please, for the love of all things holy, make it stop!
  • These new shorts are too big on me. I look like a clown.
  • Why are clowns so creepy looking anyway? I've never seen a clown that didn't give me the shivers.
  • Dagnabbit... what is that guy's name????
  • Finally!... four miles. Cool down walk. Running so totally rocks.


Chad said...

Random thoughts are cool - that's all I get when I run - if you occassionally do better than that your doing better than me.

Pussycat Dolls are more embarrassing (but probably not as embarrassing on what you might find on my mp3 player).

robison52 said...

What's an mp3 player!??! Nothing like listening to the gym's electronic-disco-stompin' speaker music to make you finish your run faster!!

Barker is retiring this season, quote from Barker, "People keep asking me WHAT I'm going to do when I'm retired, I thought the purpose of retiring is I'm not going to do ANYTHING!" End of Quote.

Yummm, blueberry yogurt, with granola on top, yummm (do I sound like Homer Simpson)

I hate it when I can't remember an actor's would drive me nuts...thank God for Google, which helps keep me sane.

See Zanne Run said...

don't forget the math calculations! I'm usually doing math in my head ... trying to figure out pace, time, etc ... and lets just say, math is not my strong suit so it takes up a really good chunk of time. my guilty pleasure/embarrasment song -rock your body - justin timberlake. did i just say that out loud? thanks for your comments on my newbie blog ... makes me feel so official!! i commented back on the site - had a similar situation!