Friday, December 01, 2006


I was notified today that I was not selected in the first lottery drawing for the Canyonlands Half-Marathon in Moab, Utah this coming March. Little disappointed, but not terribly surprised. This is an enormously popular race; 4,000 runners will be selected by the time it's all said and done and I can't even guess how many register to begin with. There will be another drawing in two weeks. If I'm in, great. If not, I'll pout for a little while, but hope for better luck next time. I want to run a half-marathon sometime this spring (regardless of where it is) as it'll give me reason to stay motivated with my running by having a race to train for through the miserable winter months. My last half-marathon was in early November (my first post-injury race). It was a great experience and solidified in my mind the half distance is my race. It's long enough to be challenging, yet not nearly as stressful on my body nor demanding of my time as the full distance. I've got a half-marathon benchmark time set and I'm eager to smash it to smithereens. Yes, 2007 will be the Year of the Half Marathon.

Speaking of my injury, I got the final bill in the mail today from my doctor (I tore the lateral collateral knee ligament in my right knee two weeks after my marathon in June and endured four months of subsequent physical therapy). I cringed as I opened it, then sighed heavily when my
eyes rested on the amount due. That one's going to put a fairly hefty dent in my wallet. What makes it even more hard to swallow is the fact my knee is still achy after running and probably will be for a few more months. Doctor says that's normal, but I sometimes feel I'm just one step away from tearing it again and permanently crippling myself. I still wear a velcro knee wrap to stabilize the ligament and I can't remember the last run I did without having to immediately bond with an icepack afterward. The half-marathon I ran a month ago was risky (much steeper hills than I'd anticipated), but my knee held up fabulously. I figure if anything was going to give it trouble, it would have been that course. Fortunately, I seem to have come away without too much trouble, but I'm still taking it easy for the rest of the year and not running more than six miles at a time. Come January, I'll be eager to start into my long runs again. I just don't feel like I've done my duty unless I'm out pounding the pavement on Saturday mornings every week for more than an hour.

I know, I know... I'm not well.


robison52 said...

Howdy! I know how expensive surgery is as I just received my final bill from my jaw surgery (scrapped infection and replaced bone), nevertheless, you really can't put a price on good health and fitness! I hope to start my own blog after my upcoming marathon next week. Happy trails, Bruce

Angie said...

I'm thanking my lucky stars I didn't sustain an injury that required surgery. And you're right about good health and fitness being priceless... I just hope from now on it stays around the $90 I shell out every few months for a new pair of Asics. ;-) Wishing you well next weekend, Bruce. Eye of the Tiger!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog....keep running..